The Marxist TEFL  Group is an alternative campaigning current within the language teaching industry. It is not an academic site. Our ideas are rooted in the day to day experiences of ordinary teachers and language learners. We believe that learning languages is a positive and creative human enterprise but we also recognise how this activity is distorted under capitalism and how much extra pressure and burden is placed on people to learn a foreign lanuage despite other competing needs. We reject the notion of English as a world lingua franca because only the peoples of a truly international world, not one based on the unequal competition between nations, can make such a decision. We hope you enjoy the articles and discussions on this site.

Those wishing to contribute articles/publicise events etc here at Marxist TEFL.. should contact the editor, marxistelf, at hernamewascarol@gmail.com .


9 responses to “About

  1. Sn

    Being a non-native ESOL teacher in central Europe I find your posts really thought-provoking. I’ve been reflecting on the “inequality” between native and non-native ESOL teachers in terms of pay and other privileges since I began teaching myself and can only agree on the unfairness of this “hierarchy”.
    Look forward to reading your posts.

  2. marxistelf

    Thanks Sn for your very kind words.

    If you want to share those experiences on this unfairness, we would be happy to provide space on this blog.

    We will endeavour ourselves to maintain our commitment to challenging this hierarchy.

  3. Excellent articles on this blog!

  4. Special Brew Man

    Marxist Tefl! Were do I sign up?

  5. Jean

    I am longing for articles on Rwandan language shift to make research. Help me please !

  6. Looking forward to more posts!

  7. Claire Rickards

    Does anybody know of a Trade Union that would best fit EFL managers?

  8. Excellent blog! Can’t stop reading the articles. I wrote a piece on Natives vs non natives and the system as it stands in Spain. What are the opinions of this blog on the issue? I would love to know.

    Here is my opinion: https://teachinginspainblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/natives-vs-non-natives-our-experience-in-spain/comment-page-1/#comment-23

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