More Racism Disguised as the Need for English

In the FFG reading rooms there is a new article which develops a very similar story to that of the death of David Gray at the hands of Dr Daniel Urbani. In both stories, there is a clear lack of proper care by the state of vulnerable people. Unfortunately, rather than address the failures in this service provision, undue attention is given to the quality of English of the care givers. The real problems of society, however, run considerably deeper and can often be seen as the conflict between social needs and the profit motive.

On this occasion, it is a speech given by Ed Milliband but on the next occasion it could be any other unprincipled body or individual. What is important for language activists, is that they continue to demythologise the claims of such people while supporting the availability of affordable (if not free) language classes for all those who want them. Languages can unite us, can overcome barriers, but they are being used to divide us.

Don’t let them get away with it!! Raise the issues in your college or workplace. Organise!!



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