RSA Animate II: Slavoj Žižek’s “First as Tragedy, Then as Farce”

As in our previous posts we had publicised a marvellous booklet funded by the “philanthropist” George Soros and then questioned the whole idea of charity in ta subsequent post, it would only be appropriate to introduce the latest in our personalised RSA animate series, this fabulous talk by the remarkable Lacanian Marxist, Slavoj Žižek:



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2 responses to “RSA Animate II: Slavoj Žižek’s “First as Tragedy, Then as Farce”

  1. “First as tragedy, then as farce” is a great little book! I loved it, one of Žižek most accessible works. Plenty of valid insights and well-reasoned call to support a very unfashionable cause – communism.

  2. Especially from a dissident of the so-called “communist bloc”. I believe, like Bauman (though I prefer Žižek), his work is all the richer for having lived through those times. Bauman and Žižek both have that paradoxical distance from and nearness to the “West” and its taken for granted (self-congratulatory) ideologies which makes them all the more intriguing. I’m sure when they meet the pompous self-serving publishers and university administrators they smile inwardly at the similarites between them and their counterparts in the former soviet bloc.
    Thanks Tony for dropping by!

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