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Dragging On: An update (of sorts) on the Berlitz dispute.

The Berlitz ELT Teachers’ dispute in Japan, which we have covered here and here on MTG, continues its slow march forward. Readers will remember that Berlitz management are dragging key union activists through the court because, well, because they tried to improve pay and conditions in the industry through strike action. The Berlitz union has its own legal action, which it has initiated against Management for “unfair practices” going simultaneously through Japan’s Labour Board. If successful, it would destroy management’s lawsuit. Unfortunately, the Labour Board seems reluctant to rule before the court case is finished.

The next hearing for the lawsuit will actually call witnesses; up to now the hearings have only been about the submission of documents (which management have consistently stalled on). The union will call as few witnesses as possible to speed up the process but it is predictable that management will continue to drag out proceedings.

As you can all probably imagine, the dispute must obviously be putting an enormous strain on these brave fighters but they have not given in. The union recently gathered outside Berlitz headquarters to distribute leaflets about the strike and the lawsuit.

Our thoughts are with our comrades in struggle.


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