We are back

We return after somewhat of a break with hopefully a fresh approach to the issues facing teachers and students. One big decision we have made is to lift our self-imposed boycott on using resources from the BBC. We still recommend teachers refrain from using direct BBC language learning material in the classroom (in protest against their platforming of Nazis)   but to continue to deny ourselves and students access to news articles is only self-harming.

Another issue we have re-thought (many thanks to Alex Case for his comments and the comments of his readers for helping us reach this decision) is that we shall endeavour  a little more to be a Marxist perspective on ESL rather than an ESL perspective on Marxism, that whilst introductions/news on Marxists/Marxism  is of value, there is a more pressing need  to analyse, from a Marxist perspective, what is exactly going on in ESL and how we might bring about positive change..

We hope these changes will make our blog more relevant to the needs of teachers and students.



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3 responses to “We are back

  1. Welcome back. Keenly looking forward to the coming posts. Always interested in broader and broader views of the EFL field.

  2. Very glad to see you back Marxist ELF. I like the idea of the new balance, and look forward to reading your posts! As always in solidarity. Sara.

  3. marxistelf

    Thanks, both of you.

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