Victor Jara is finally buried but his songs and inspiration will continue to live on.

The remains of Chilean musician, singer, poet, theatre director , Victor Jara have finally “been laid to rest” today, some 36 years after his murder. Victor Jara was tortured and murdered, after the CIA backed coup, September 11th 1973, which ousted democratically elected, Salvador Allende.  Jara’s body had been exhumed in order to establish exactly how Jara died. It was known he had been shot many times and also that he had been tortured but an autopsy was requested to establish who actually pumped the bullets into his body. For many Chileans this is part of a reconciliation with the past and  a desire to see justice done. Here at Marxist TEFL, we believe justice will only be done when Victor’s dream of a free egalitarian society where people do not want for food, shelter, or dignity is finally realised .

Here is Victor singing one of his inspiring songs:

Here is a moving tribute from Irish folk singer Christy Moore:


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