This Machine Kills Fascists

As this article is being written, demonstrators are massed outside the BBC in Shepherds Bush, London, protesting against the decision of the BBC to give a platform to the Fascist, Nick Griffin. It appears that 11th hour attempts to persuade the broadcasters to desist from this dangerous nonsense have failed. It is with this thought uppermost in our minds that we turn to our poets and songwriters, that they might help inspire us in the battles ahead. 

One such inspiring songwriter was the American folk singer Woody Guthrie, a champion of the rights of working people and a particularly powerful voice in the fight against fascism. Woody carried the words, This Machine Kills Fascists, on his guitar and one of his best loved ballads was, All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose:

Another powerful voice for working people and against fascism, is the singer-songwriter Billy Bragg. You can listen to Billy Bragg’s version of Woody Guthrie’s song here.

And finally, here is dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson, giving his forthright account of how to deal with the Nazis


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