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Save the Universities But Let the Children of Refugees Rot in Prison. The sheer perversity of the UK establishment’s attitude to “safe borders”.

Our attention was taken by this recent article in the Guardian on the importance of overseas students to British universities. It appears that delays in visa applications are putting a terrible strain on university finances. So much so in fact, that Professor Smith for UUK, (Universities UK) is in talks with UK Borders (UK Immigration Department) to try and resolve the situation. Universities, are also sending out coursework and video lectures to students waiting for their visa applications so they do not fall too behind their studies.

There is little talk, however, about what Professor Smith or the rest of the Britain’s academic elite are doing about the unpardonable imprisonment of young children. It seems these children have committed the crime of being born to parents fleeing war, torture or economic deprivation. The punishment for which is to be held in a detention centre for up to 28 days. A situation the British Medical Association, given the effect it has on these children, are becoming increasingly concerned about. Many of these children, are often already traumatised before being incarcerated or through the process of incarceration itself. There is no news either on what educational resources are provided for these children whilst being held at her Majesty’s pleasure, but we do know that it is unlikely that English classes will be provided.

That’s “globalisation” for you, grabbing money from other countries and making sure those “foreigners” aren’t going to steal “our” resources.

What can we do?  

Write to Professor Smith at vice-chancellor@exeter.ac.uk   asking him to raise the issue of these children’s plight at his next coffee and croissants meeting with UK Borders.


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