Twitterers’ Revolt Shows The Way. Build An Alternative to Harrogate 2010.

Hot on the heels of the successful twitter campaign  to uncover Trafigura’s attempt to a silence a story about the dumping of toxic waste off the ivory coast (poisoning 31,000 people) the twitterers were back with a campaign against the homophobic rants of Daily Mail columnist, Jan Moir. Moir had argued, on the eve of Boyzone singer Stephen Gately’s funeral, that it was Stephen’s lifestyle which had led to his untimely death.

By Friday 16th, Moir had attempted to justify her bile but her excuses only showed her up to be the unrepentant bigot she is.

Like the Trafigura campaign, in which legal threats against the Guardian for reporting the story were dropped, twitter campaigners managed to force big advertisers off the Daily Mail  internet page bearing the “story”.

This should give us all heart in our attempt to build an alternative on-line TEFL conference (IaltTEFL) to the business as usual, low standards and low pay as usual, pantomime which they call IATEFL, Harrogate 2010


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