At a time of economic crises, we have to show “a bit of Steel”.

Here we quite shamelessly promote a recent article written by socialist comedian and writer Mark Steel. Mark Steel seems to have been around the left for an awfully long time and, we must say, he gets sharper with age. In this article, appearing in the independent newspaper, Steel ridicules the hypocrisy of those that say we must all make sacrifices during a time of recession:

The cry that we’re suddenly together has happened countless times, in every recession. There was probably a Roman emperor who announced “Citizens of Rome. Unfortunately it appears I have used up all the gold of the empire in having a temple built for me and my wives. It’s not my fault because no one was regulating me, as I had the last regulator crucified. So the most important thing is for all slaves to work themselves to a wretched death as quickly as possible, as we’re all very much in this together. Cheers.”


Read the full article here.


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