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James McCrostie delves deep into TOEIC Japan

We have covered James McCrostie’s work elsewhere on these pages, in his excellent reporting on the Berlitz strike  for the Japanese Times. This piece on TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), published in the same newspaper, in August 2009, is even better. It is a brilliant example of persistence and investigation, something so often missing from modern journalism (churnalism).  The article continues a theme outlined in our report on Cambridge Assessments, where we asked where the huge “surpluses” from these non-profit making examinations go. James’s article begins to answer these questions with respect to the organisation responsible for “championing” TOEIC” in Japan, IIBC.

Readers with a faint heart should be warned beforehand that 100 million yen is the equivalent of about 1 million US dollars.



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