Tower Hamlets Lecturers Win Dispute

After four weeks of all out strike action, Tower Hamlets College lecturers have won their battle against compulsory redundancies. We are delighted, it is fantastic news for all of us. What is not clear, however, is where that leaves the college ESOL programme. The community were fantastic in their support of the striking workers and this support was reciprocated by striking workers giving some ESOL classes during the dispute.  It is vital that, as Brown tries to push the costs of bailing out the bankers onto workers (through pay restraint and redundancies in public services), workers and the communities they serve come together to resist. This means Tower Hamlets lecturers not forgetting the community that supported them and continuing to fight for ESOL classes.


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One response to “Tower Hamlets Lecturers Win Dispute

  1. Very happy to hear this news. Thx for reporting it to us. We don’t hear enough about these successes.

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