Stop the Fascists: An Open Letter to TEFL Blacklist.

anti_naziThe following is a letter we have sent to TEFL Blacklist. We urge all readers to note the contents and help us uncover the hidden nature of CL English Language and work to disrupt this source of revenue to fascists across Europe.

Dear TEFL blacklist,


We at the Marxist TEFL Group are great admirers of your work. Alongside Alex Case and Sandy McManus, you provide an invaluable service to students and teachers alike in avoiding particularly unscrupulous schools.


With this in mind we call on you to include CL English Language in West London on your blacklist as the school is a business partnership between Nick Griffin of the British National Front  (a fascist party) and Roberto Fiore, leader of Forza Nuova, a fascist party in Italy. Funds from this organisation help fund the activities of these two nazis and it is therefore not advisable for teachers to teach there nor students to learn there. We cannot comment on the nature of the courses themselves or teaching conditions within the school but, I am sure you will agree, no teacher or student should participate in raising funds for a convicted racist and his evil mentor as they try to spread their racist vile across Europe.


This story first broke in The Guardian last year (although quite strangely it never made its way into TEFL Guardian) and was well-discussed on the TEFL website “Dave’s ESL Café”.


In light of the above and in the absence of information suggesting any change in the school’s ownership, we ask you to join us in exposing this school and asking that teachers and learners boycott it all together.


Fraternally yours


Marxist TEFL Group.



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5 responses to “Stop the Fascists: An Open Letter to TEFL Blacklist.

  1. My dear TEFL Marxist, although it looks like your blog is the latest resting place of Private Eye’s late Dave Spart, it does at least have a semblance of a sense of humour, and occasionally publishes something really worth reading.

    However, your latest “Open letter to the TEFL Blacklist” seems to be another case of token gesturing, seeing as the TEFL Blacklist hasn’t published a thing since last December (the author may even be in hiding or behind bars!) and the ‘story’, concerning the BNP’s language school in London, is hardly as fresh as this morning’s bread.

    So what’s it all about then? Care to explain?

    Actually, as a digression, I must admit that I was always more attracted to the Trotsyite faction than the pure Marxists, even the Marxist-Lenininsts … but I do hope you don’t hold that against me! Anyway, now I’m officially an Agnostic, so there. And I resigned from the Labour party a long while back!

  2. marxistelf

    Sandy- perhaps we are a little guilty of opportunism (seem to be leading on all important issues while TEFL Blacklist gone to ground and all that) but the fact remains that the school is still operating and this is not made public and it should be.
    Me personally, always liked Trotsky but remain critical.
    Love your website, though at times it’s a bit too spicy for my politically correct digestive system.
    Keep up the fine work.

  3. Dear Comrades

    I didn’t have an email address for you, so I hope you don’t mind me leaving this here.

    I’m writing to you inviting you to take part in the Carnival of Socialism. The Carnival has been bringing a fortnightly round up of everything that’s going on in the global socialist blogosphere for the last three years, and draws from a wide and eclectic mix of blogs. It has had the added bonus of helping the blogging left become a more cohesive and welcoming place, as well as delivering more audiences to the blogs that have already taken part.

    But the Carnival needs your help. We are looking to expand the number of volunteers beyond a core group of ‘usual suspects’. Previous Carnivals are located on its dedicated blog at to give you an idea of what hosting a carnival entails. We have sessions booked up until 26th April but need volunteers for dates after then. So how about it?

    If you would like to sign up for a Carnival, know someone who might, or have any other questions about it please drop me a line at philbc03 at

    Socialist Greetings,

    Phil BC (A Very Public Sociologist)

  4. marxistelf

    Hi Phil,

    We will of course accept your offer and will be writing to exchange details in the next few days. The Socialist Carnival is an excellent idea and we urge other readers with left blogs to participate also.

    We would also like to praise you Phil for maintaining a clear current of your own Marxist ideas (that associated with Peter Taeffe and The Miltant) whilst simultaneosly always involved in united front work with other left currents. Your non-sectarianism is rare and a credit to you.

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